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y industry is not only reflected by its▓ strong manufacturing, but also its increasing engag▓ement in innovative new areas, Shapiro, also CTA chief executive officer, told Xinhua in a recent interview.In regard to China's rising importance in technology innovation, international media wide

ly reported that some western tech companies are turning to Chinese firms for idea▓s. A New York Times report even said that "the trope that China copies the U.S. hasn't been true for years, and in mobile it's the opposite: the U.S. often copies China."Although Shapiro noted that companies acr▓oss the world are learning from each other in terms of innovation, he emphasized that China is increasingly getting into innovative new areas, such as dr▓ones, smartphones and services like Wechat."Wechat is an excell▓ent platform in terms o

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f what it does for Chinese citizens, n▓ot only to communicate, but to pay for services, and to do so many different things both as social media and for business transactions that makes life easy," Shapiro said.He and his team used Wechat, a mobile communi

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